Hi!  My name is Brody and I am passionate about photography.  I so enjoy being able to capture a moment in time that enables people to experience the feelings and emotion of that day over and over again forever.

That is what I want to provide you...memories, complete with emotions and feelings, forever.

My most important goal is for you to be thrilled with our time and end up with exactly what you had envisioned.  To that end, I engage in a lot of upfront planning.  I will share live shots of locations to nail down exactly the feel you are looking for.  I will share sample poses to understand what you do and don't like.  Don't worry...nothing will end up stuffy or forced...it just helps to get some idea of style that you like.  We will also touch on your passions...are there elements you'd like to incorporate?  Some shots in or with your sports gear or a beloved pet?  OK!  

I use top level equipment that enables me to shoot in all situations...low light, action, studio, arenas, outdoors, etc.  I also have a studio I can bring to your home if you  have an infant who can't travel, or simply prefer that setting.  

Thank you for such amazing memories and the incredible upfront planning to fit our experience to exactly what we wanted!

C. Markham

Legal mentions

I will provide you with a simple contract and model release via email post-purchase.

Business name

Brody James Photography


Medina, Plymouth, Wayzata, Orono, Minnetonka, MN



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